About Me

I am working as a data engineer at Ørsted. I have been at Ørsted since 2008 and it has been quite a journey. The company went from being a state owned public company to a listed company on the Danish Stock Exchange and from relying almost only on fossil fuels to a company making only renewable energy. All this while being profitable and since our IPO the value of the company has tripled....

January 8, 2022


Kostplan 1900 kcal 350 kcal MORGEN: 350g skyr naturel 236 kcal 32g protein 100g æble/pære/appelsin 46 kcal 12 stk nødder (12g) 72 kcal eller 24g protein 1½ sk rugbrød (75g) 153 kcal 2 stk æg 156 kcal 2-3 sk magert kødpålæg max 3% (35g) 38 kcal eller 16g protein 1½ dl havregryn (52g) 192 kcal 2 dl minimælk 76 kcal 12 stk nødder (12g) 72 kcal 500 kcal FROKOST: ca. 250g blandet salat/grøntsager 100 kcal...

October 11, 2023

Road ride

Road ride on a sunday Weather was OK, but overcast.

August 28, 2022

Longer gravel ride in Bistrup

Gravel ride on a saturday Super nice weather and a very nice workout

August 20, 2022

Gravel ride

Gravel ride on a sunday in glorious weather The pictures is from before I got into the gravel section

May 15, 2022

Reality call by Micheal Shellenberger

The West’s Green Delusions Empowered Putin While we banned plastic straws, Russia drilled and doubled nuclear energy production. Fantastic article by Michael Shelleberger on substack

March 1, 2022

Fantastic Iphone 13

Watching this video, she suggested you should use your iPhone to take photos of the sky. I did not believe that would work, but I tried it out and the result:

February 5, 2022

Vax N Chill

Some good advice how to take on the 2nd and maybe 3rd year of covid 19. ZDoggMD has it lined out for you :-)

January 17, 2022

Testing HUGO

This is a header Some python print( "hello world" ) And this is some text with some md styling

January 2, 2022