I am working as a data engineer at Ørsted. I have been at Ørsted since 2008 and it has been quite a journey. The company went from being a state owned public company to a listed company on the Danish Stock Exchange and from relying almost only on fossil fuels to a company making only renewable energy. All this while being profitable and since our IPO the value of the company has tripled. At Ørsted I work in something called “back office” where we are automating settlement of the production from our windfarms. Our main assets, the more than 1500 wind turbines, are each producing many GB of data on a daily basis. Not only that, the financial side of the business likewise produces a lot of data. To do my job I use a mix of very common tools. Of course we use a lot of SQL on good old RDBMS systems, be it from Oracle, Microsoft and even Postgresql. We are a “container first” and “Azure” company and relies heavily on Azure Kubernetes clusters to run our services In my spare time I develop apps for iOS and also do some biking, most gravel biking, which is the holy grail now a days