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Learning Swift

There are some great tutorials from Ayaka Nonaka in this blog. Well worth checking it out. Especially the part about optionals and enums.

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Great tutorial for iOS animations

Do you think the standard UIActivityIndicatorView is a bit boring (has only gray an white) and that the size is too small? Despair no more. Here is a great tutorial and it is just a few lines of code and you

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Handling strings in Swift is STRANGE!

Some hints and links   1) Handling substrings See this excellent website about using the strange new string.substringwithrange( range: Range<String.Index>) and the String.substringFromIndex( index: String.index) let myString = “[ABCDEFGHI]” let startIndex = advance(myString.startIndex, 1) let endIndex = advance(myString.endIndex, -1) //start- and

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